Meet your saviour


Today I received a message, a declaration of love from a distant admirer of my body wrapped in cloth. He spotted my picture on the shared digital palace for deep sea divers and life adventurers. He presented himself as mister sinister with a background in the Petrol and Gas Industry. He said he was doing well in paradise in Dubai, on the artificial island where only very prosperous people take residence. With his fast car, white coated and floating doors, it was his intention to pick me up. That is if I consent to his wishes. What are your dreams and longings? the message said.


I wanted to answer, but there was no space where I could write. An account was required. I could only push the acceptance button. Three men in white suits entered my secured place and lifted my body wrapped in cloth up to the sky. Outside, a highspeed polyester yacht- white coated- lay waiting to receive my body. I could feel the thrust of the turbo engines when the boat headed off shore. I wanted to reach my phone but the cloth prevented me from doing so. That’s when I thought: I am in a dream, and I am going to be well off, being in the hands of my saviour.


And I said a prayer to thank him.