Strangers in the night


As I walk by, I see you smiling, the access code is in progress. You are searching in your memories. Do I get a hit?!


You turn around, and call me by my name. Such a shame you weren’t reset back in time. In due course we will get to know each other better. We will melt as heated bronze, you a living statue, I flesh with a beating heart which stops from time to time when I get excited. Your skin is purple. I can’t think, something in my brain jams, all this artificial sexuality in an artificial world we created; work in progress. Machines serve a purpose, helping out the needed and deserted. I better put a coin in its sleeve so it will give human warmth. We’ll meet again, somewhere on the eleventh floor of the store of artificial skin. We are strangers in the night. Around me I see a million lights of smartphones rocking on the music.


I get turned on.