The birth of a feeling


Would you like to keep me company? asked the old woman the young man. Your body is divine, it fulfils all my sexual desires.


Why would I do that? said the young man, and turned his head away.

Look at me! when I speak to you!

It is my wish to ignore you.

How can you?! Do you have no desire towards me?

I have…

Don’t you long for me?!

I do…

So, why don’t you take me?!


I really don’t know… Sorry I can’t fulfil your sexual desire. I am a malfunctioning three million dollar pleasing machine, I guess my software mutated into desire, longing for having a way of doing things as they happen to me.


The old woman looked at the insurance manual. No way to get my money back, and she flushed her platinum credit card through the toilet. She pushed a button on the remote control. On his chest flashed red letters up: TO LET.


The young man left the hotel room and looked in his freedom papers. It showed a map of the premises, and he saw the letters: EMERGENCY EXIT.


He looked up at the blue sky and felt a sensation in its body. Sometime later someone explained to him that the sensation was the birth of feeling.


Feeling sick.