The rumour

The reverend closed the door of the Chapel and looked up at the blue sky for an answer to the death of young Christian.

The other day lady Chatelaine had asked him what there was to it concerning a rumour she had come to hear about her son. 
“Certainly not!” had the reverend said. Now he wasn’t so sure, afraid that he was that the rumout would go viral.
“Ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” he said as he threw a flower on the coffin, as he contemplated what was important in life. Lady Chatelaine looked him in the eye. He looked to the ground, feeling shame. 
Than he decided that the rumour wasn’t true, and he felt relieved. Lady Chatelaine again looked him in the eye  with an expression of bewilderment. The reverend started walking, and walked into the city where all of the people seemed to confirm his thoughts by going about their daily life.

Uko Verhulst  1-6-2020